Are you thinking of taking the plunge into Vietnamese cuisine?

Good call! Aside from being absolutely delicious, it ’s a culinary sensation with a deep history behind it. But with so many vibrant, tasty and energetic options, where do you begin? Here are four great dishes to start you on your food journey to Vietnam.

1. Rice Paper Rolls

These moreish tubes of flavour heaven are the best place to start on your journey toViet-nom! These little soldiers are packed full of fresh and healthy deliciousness – asian greens, herbs,vermicelli noodles and various combinations of pork, beefand seafood. They’re best enjoyed slathered in Hoisin or Nước Mắm sauce while sneaking in a cheeky bit of Insta at work.

Rice paper rolls

2. Phở

While the debate rages on for team ‘fo’ or for team ‘fer’ (Spoiler: It’s ‘fer’) the one thing that can be agreed upon is that Pho is the best.

Seriously. It’s THE BEST.

It’s an amazing mix of rich broth, slurpy noodles and tender meat. This fantastic combo is topped off with an aromatic mix of herbs, which are packed full of natural goodness.

Vietnamese Pho

3. Bánh Mì

The sandwich staple of Vietnam that combines the flavours of French and Vietnamese cuisine. It’s an eclectic throw together of cold cut meats, pate, carrot, cucumber and coriander – all snuggled together in a crispy baguette roll. Yum!

Vietnamese Banh Mi
4. Bao

Bao will change your life. These lil’ delicious buns are made up of sweet, fluffy soft bread and can be filled with all sorts of yummy things. Pork, minced beef, taro bean – the list goes on. You HAVE to kick start any Vietnamese feast with some bao – just be prepared to order second round of them.

There you have our top 4 recommendations – do you have a favourite Vietnamese dish that you think it great place to start for newcomers? Let us know in the comments!

Bao Steamed Bun

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