A business with purpose

We have no doubt that we are blessed to be where we are today - surrounded by family, friends, food and a safe home. We're aware that there are others that are not as fortunate, some don't even have access to basics such as clean water.

At Rolld, we know we can't change the world, but we can change lives, even just one. Our hope is that as many people as possible can have the opportunity to experience what we did growing up, and enjoy the simple pleasures and eternal memories that come from good food and good company.

Rolld's chosen charity is Blue Dragon Children's Foundation, an Australian charity based in Vietnam. Blue Dragon rescues children in crisis: street kids, children with disabilities and victims of human trafficking and slavery. With passion, determination and the generosity of supporters from around the world, Blue Dragon rescues children and supports their long-term growth. They offer the opportunity to dream big and, most importantly, to dream safe.

Blue Dragon