Bao Hoang

Bao Hoang – Founder & CEO “The Entrepreneur”
A physiotherapist by profession, and experience in franchise systems as a franchisee, Bao has always had a love of business, almost as much as his love of food. So it was only a matter of time before he combined the two. Growing up with his mother’s traditional home- cooking and all his best memories surrounded by food – from small dinners to full functions – the business of hospitality is somewhat instinctive, despite no formal industry training. Husband to Angela (now Rolld Brand Guardian) and father to three kids – Lucas, Dominic, and Sienna – Bao loves Sundays, the designated day of meals with family, extended family and family friends.

Ray Esquieres

Ray Esquieres – Founder & CFO “The Suit”
Ray has a background in Banking and is our resident critic on the good, the bad and the ugly of food. With a love for quality, fresh and honest food, it’s no surprise Ray is drawn to Vietnamese cuisine. So when the idea of launching a Vietnamese food business came up over dinner (of course!), he and his wife, Stephanie (now Rolld IT support) we’re immediately on board. With a daughter, Ashley, and one on the way, Ray now put’s his Finance degree to delicious use.

Tin Ly

Tin Ly – Founder & Head of Product “Mr. Hospitality”
Like Bao, and most of Vietnamese heritage, Tin has been spoilt by traditional home-cooking, but with an added bonus of working in their family business – a Vietnamese bakery. Even after the business was sold, Tin knew hospitality is where he belongs. So when his cousin Bao approached him with the opportunity, he completed the trifecta with an emphatic ‘yes’, and hasn’t looked back since, bringing with him the much-needed hands-on experience, and his family’s specialty – the Banh Mi. Our most eligible bachelor, we look forward to Tin’s additions to the Rolld family.

Ange Hoang

Ange Hoang – Brand Guardian
Ange Hoang, more commonly known as Bao’s wife and less commonly known for her role in the brand’s success. Ange’s natural creative insights led the business towards creating a unique look and in-store experience. She continues to remain behind the scenes but paramount to the future brand vision of the business.