In a short time, Roll’d has become a fixture in the Melbourne food scene. Our commitment to fresh ingredients and traditional flavours has made us the go-to for Melbournians across the city and Australia. From our humble beginning as a single location in the CBD, we have taken our winning formula to five states and continue to grow and win fans.

Barkly Square’s best Vietnamese street food

Roll’d is passionate about authentic Vietnamese food, adapted to suit
Australian tastes and appetites. That’s why you’ll find not just the best in fresh Vietnamese cuisine, such as Com Tam, Bánh Mì, Bao, Phở, Soldiers® and Bún but also other favourites such as sweet potato fries, spring rolls, coffee, and breakfast rolls, plus our rice paper rolls are bigger than most. We take pride in ensuring that you’ll get the most for your money every time you eat with us.

Our dishes feature authentic flavours and include a range of fillings and toppings, such as:

● Lemongrass beef

● Tofu

● BBQ chicken

● Roast pork

Pork belly



And more.

Roll’d restaurants pride themselves on high standards of service and quality, and we have built an impeccable reputation for both. Whether you work in the city every day and want something for lunch that won’t become a chore, or you’re just in the city for the day, Roll’d in Barkly Square is the perfect way to refuel for the afternoon. 

Freshness is guaranteed when your order our Vietnamese food 

Roll’d started with a mission to create delicious, fresh food and we have maintained that ambition with every restaurant we open. We currently have 70 restaurants and each one is uncompromising in its dedication to delicious food that satisfies every appetite. Whether you need a filling lunch, an afternoon snack or a light dinner, you can trust Roll’d to be exactly what you are looking for. We don’t cut corners and place the satisfaction of our customers at the top of our priorities so you can rest assured you’ll receive the very best every time you visit.

Make lunch time a little bit special with Roll’d

Roll’d has shown that it is possible to find healthy, delicious food without spending a fortune. Our commitment to fresh ingredients and traditional recipes has given us an impeccable reputation and a long list of satisfied customers who return to us every lunchtime. We’ve made it possible to buy lunch every day without worrying about your waistline or your wallet.