Just because you’re in the shopping centre, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy great food. Roll’d has transformed the humble food hall with fresh, high-quality dishes prepared fresh each day. We’ve made it our mission to give people lunch and dinner options that go beyond that standard mall fare, using the best ingredients to create affordable dishes that really satisfy. 

Vietnamese food from an extensive menu of traditional favourites

The menu at Roll’d is based on traditional street food and recipes handed down through generations. We’ve added our own unique twists, ensuring even the biggest Aussie appetites are taken care of. The Roll’d menu is varied enough to ensure that you never get bored, even if you dine with us every day of the week.

If you’re in the mood for something warm and comforting, then you can’t do much better than our Phở. Based on a traditional family recipe, it has rich flavours and a choice of toppings such as beef and chicken.

We have a range of Soldiers® with fillings including tofu, chicken, pork and prawn, barramundi and beef, served with a choice of sauces.

Choose Bánh Mì in a freshly baked roll, full of delicious flavours with pork, beef, chicken or tofu, topped with herbs, chili and Vietnamese sauces. 

Our Bún features a big bowl of rice noodles, crunchy greens and great toppings, like BBQ chicken, roast pork and crackling, lemongrass beef, tofu and more.

A reputation for great Vietnamese food in Eastland and beyond

Roll’d has grown from a single location in the Melbourne CBD to more than 70 restaurants across six states. Along the way we’ve worked hard to maintain our exacting standards and ensure that regardless of where you dine, whether at Eastland, in Melbourne, or any of the five other states, you’re assured of the same exceptional food and service. This approach has given us an impeccable reputation and we have become a lunchtime staple for workers and shoppers alike. Stop by today and find out why for yourself.

 Make your work day a little better with Roll’d for lunch

A work day is made a little bit easier with a great lunch. Our menu and affordable prices makes it possible to enjoy a great lunch every day of the week, with enough variety to ensure you won’t ever get bored. Escape the doldrums of sandwiches, pies and bain maries with the team at Roll’d in Eastland today.