Melbourne Central is the busiest spot in the city. Right next to Emporium, it is a part of a shopping precinct that incorporates Bourke Street Mall and the big department stores, as well as the train station. There’s a lot to see and do, which makes Roll’d the perfect spot to rest and recharge before heading out into the hustle and bustle again. 

Vietnamese street food designed to suit Australian appetites

We’ve created a menu of Vietnamese street food classics with a Roll’d twist. Each dish is carefully created using the freshest ingredients, making it a healthy and delicious alternative to other food hall options. Choose from a vibrant menu that features: 

● Phở – with Sliced Rare Beef, Shredded Chicken, Seafood or Mushroom and Tofu.Bún – with Crispy Chicken Ribs, Spicy Chicken Curry, BBQ Chicken, Lemongrass Beef, Home-Style Pork Spring Rolls, Roast Pork and Crackling, and more.

● Soldiers® – with Barramundi, Garlic Prawn, Chicken Breast, Lemongrass Beef, Tofu, BBQ Chicken, Pork or Prawn.

● Bánh Mì – with Lemongrass Beef, Tofu, BBQ Chicken or Roast Pork and Crackling

We also have a range of sides including Sweet Potato Fries, Crispy Chicken Ribs, Spring Rolls and Crab Crackers. Finish your meal with a drink from our menu, choose from Vietnamese Iced Coffee or Vietnamese Iced Tea. 

Discover the Roll’d difference at the restaurant closest to you today

Roll’d started as a single store in the Melbourne CBD. From that small seed we’ve grown and become a lunchtime staple for workers across six states. We now have over 70 restaurants and we’re always growing. Each of our locations has the same mission we started with – to give people a healthy and delicious alternative to the standard lunch time options. If Melbourne Central isn’t convenient you can find your closest restaurant here and find out why we’ve become synonymous with weekday lunches in such a short space of time. 

Visit Roll’d Melbourne Central today and discover the difference for yourself

Discover the Roll’d difference by heading into Melbourne Central for your next lunch break. Whether you’re shopping the day away in the CBD or need something to recharge for the afternoon at work, our menu has enough variety and value to eat every day, without getting bored. We specialise in fresh, great tasting lunches using only the best ingredients, without compromising affordability.