Roll’d is the first name you should turn to for the best Vietnamese street food. Adapted from authentic recipes, our dishes are given an Australian twist to ensure they offer complete lunchtime satisfaction, without compromising flavour or affordability. 

Order from a menu packed with Vietnamese street food favourites

Our menu is created from traditional family recipes, some of which have been handed down through generations for decades. We’ve taken these recipes and given them a modern update, ensuring they satisfy Australian appetites without compromising on taste. 

Choose from a selection of famous street food classics, including:

● Phở – hot and satisfying, our broth is full of all the rich, deep flavours you’d expect.

● Bánh Mì – the perfect sandwich for eating on the go. It is packed with authentic Vietnamese flavours and fresh salad.

● Soldiers® – an easy snack or a filling meal, eat as few or as many as you need. Soldiers® are flavour-packed and perfectly sized.

● Bún – a Vietnamese noodle salad, Roll’d Bún is a big bowl of crunchy greens and cool rice noodles.

We also have a range of sides, which are ideal for making your meal complete or great on their own as a snack. Choose from:

● Sweet Potato Fries

● Spring Rolls

● Crab Crackers

● Crispy Chicken Ribs

Finish your meal with a beverage from our range of Iced Coffee or Iced Tea.

Dedicated to service and satisfaction at our O’Connell Street restaurant

Roll’d has grown from a single location in the Melbourne CBD to more than 70 restaurants across six states. Along the way we’ve worked hard to maintain our exacting standards and ensure that regardless of where you dine, whether at O’Connell Street, in Sydney, or any of the five other states, you’re assured of the same exceptional food and service. This approach has given Roll’d an impeccable reputation and we have become a lunchtime staple for workers and shoppers alike. Stop by today and find out why for yourself. 

Discover the power of a Roll’d lunch for yourself

Sometimes, a good lunch can really turn a work day around and with Roll’d, you can ensure you never have a bad day. We make it possible to enjoy the freshest, tastiest Vietnamese street food this side of Hanoi in the heart of the Sydney CBD. We’ve built an impeccable reputation for high-quality food made with care and a commitment to flavour. Discover why we’ve quickly become a favourite for so many people around the country.