Roll’d Parramatta is the perfect place to head when you want to experience the south east Asian cuisine of Vietnam. Our dishes are all based on traditional family recipes, handed down through generations and now adapted to suit Australian tastes and appetites. We started with a mission to provide city workers in the Melbourne CBD with a healthy and delicious lunch option that’s affordable enough to eat every day. Since our humble beginnings with one store, that mission has helped us grow to a 70 strong chain of restaurants, all serving the very best Vietnamese street food. 

Choose from an extensive menu of Vietnamese street food favourites

The Roll’d menu is designed to provide people with the flexibility to create a complete meal or simply grab a snack on the run. If you’re just making a flying visit, grab a few Soldiers® to fill you up or a crunchy Bánh Mì packed with delicious fillings. If you have time to stop and eat with us, give a hot bowl of Phở or enjoy the cool refreshment of salad and noodles with our Bún. 

Our meals are available with a range of fillings and flavours, including

● Lemongrass Beef

● BBQ Chicken

● Roast Pork and Crackling

● Tofu

● Seafood

● Barramundi

● Prawn

● And more. 

We also have a range of sides including Sweet Potato Fries, Spring Rolls, Crispy Chicken Ribs and Crab Crackers, all the perfect accompaniment to your meal. Stay refreshed with an Iced Coffee or Iced Tea from our beverage menu.

Order from the restaurant chain committed to satisfaction and service

Roll’d restaurants are all run to exacting standards, with highly trained staff all passionate about your dining experience. Our restaurants are clean and maintained to exceed industry regulations, with staff eager to deliver the very best in customer service. At Roll’d we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with an experience they can rely on for great food and service, regardless of the state or city they’re dining in. 

Head to Roll’d Parramatta and discover the difference for yourself 

Forget sandwiches and ‘two dishes on rice or noodles’, Roll’d Parramatta offers an alternative that is both healthy and delicious. Whether you’re stopping by for a big lunch or just need something smaller to keep you going, our menu is designed to make lunchtime easier and more satisfying. Head to Roll’d Parramatta today or discover the restaurant nearest you today.