Bao - Steamed Buns

A light and fluffy steamed savoury bun that perfectly encapsulates its delicious filling.



Bao is a complete meal packed away in a light and fluffy steamed savoury bun.

Filled most traditionally with a pork mixture, the perfect bao should be round, smooth and soft. It is steamed in bamboo baskets giving it a subtle woody taste.

Food History

Surprisingly, its not named after our co-founder Bao Hoang, perhaps he was named after the Bao - because that's how delicious they are!


Steamed bun filled with cucumber, cabbage, carrot, coriander, fried shallots and a choice of protein.


BBQ Chicken

Roast Pork & Crackling

Roast Pork Belly

Lemongrass Beef

Crispy Prawn

Roast Duck


Nutritional Value

  • BBQ Chicken - 908kJ
  • Roast pork & crackling - 943kJ
  • Roast pork belly - 1069kJ
  • Lemongrass beef - 905kJ
  • Crispy prawn - 842kJ
  • Roast duck - 920kJ
  • Tofu - 987kJ