Bún - Vietnamese Bun or Noodle Salad

A salad with a twist, bun thit xao fuses the sticky sweetness of beef with rice noodles and fresh herbs that pack a punch. To be enjoyed sitting with friends over lunch or as a light dinner option, Bún is a delicate meal that perfectly pairs distinctive Vietnamese flavours. The freshness and zest of this dish served at room temperature makes it a great warm or cool weather option.



Bún is cold rice vermicelli noodle, overload with crunchy greens like lettuce and cucumber, pickled carrots and lots of fresh herbs. Topped with a variety of sizzling meat options.

At Roll'd, we added a twist and offer a rice alternative with an option of flavours including BBQ chicken, lemongrass beef, pork spring rolls, roast pork and crackling, tofu and vegetarian spring rolls, crispy chicken ribs and chicken curry.


Vermicelli noodles or rice with an option of proteins, cucumber, pickled carrot and daikon, lettuce, coriander, mint and dressed in nuoc mam.


BBQ chicken
Lemongrass beef
Home-style pork spring rolls
Roast pork & crackling
Roast pork belly
Crispy chicken ribs
Tofu & veg spring rolls

Nutritional Value

  • BBQ chicken - 2044kJ
  • Lemongrass beef - 2181kJ
  • Home-style pork spring rolls - 2610kJ
  • Roast pork & crackling - 2473kJ
  • Roast pork belly - 2969kJ
  • Crispy chicken ribs - 2912kJ
  • Tofu & veg spring rolls - 2445kJ