Ca Phe | Vietnamese Coffee

If you find yourself wavering at 3pm, a Vietnamese ca phe is an instant energy booster. Ca phe is a dark roast coffee individually brewed with a small metal drip filter. It can take around five minutes for the coffee to filter through which allows a richness of flavour to develop while you take time out to chat and get lost in the happenings that surround you. The coffee is then finished with a generous dollop of sweetened condensed milk before being poured over ice - if you like. It's a refreshing hot or cold drink and part of almost every Vietnamese local's morning ritual.

Ca Phe


Ca phe is made with coarsely ground Vietnamese-grown dark roast coffee traditionally brewed individually with a small metal French drip filter (cà phê phin). Once brewed it is typically mixed with condensed milk and can be served hot, or poured over ice.

Food History

Coffee was introduced into Vietnam in 1857. Vietnam quickly became a strong exporter of coffee with many plantations in the central highlands. The beverage was adopted with regional variations. Because of limitations on the availability of fresh milk, as the dairy farming industry was still in its infancy, the French and Vietnamese began to use sweetened condensed milk with a dark roast coffee.


Espresso made from our specially roasted coffee beans, condensed milk, evaporated milk, and ice.

Nutritional Value

Approximately 1020kj per serve/243cal per serve