Com Tam | Vietnamese Broken Rice

You can't go pass Vietnamese food without rice. Walk down the streets of Vietnam and you can't miss the mouth-watering aroma of lemongrass pork chops sizzling away. The smoke from the open coal-fired BBQs will blind you but all is forgiven once you dive into the broken rice dish.

We offer grilled pork chops with a fried egg, BBQ beef steak, barramundi fillet, crispy chicken ribs and spicy chicken curry options.



Vietnamese dish made from rice with fractured rice grains. Tấm refers to the broken rice grains, while cơm refers to cooked rice

It is generally served with sticky pork chops and finely sliced cucumber and pickled vegetables that offer a sweetness and crispy texture. A small bowl of dipping sauce is a customary accompaniment that adds saltiness to this texturally rich meal.

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Food History

The main ingredient, broken rice, is a traditionally cheaper grade of rice produced by damage in milling. Also known as com tam Saigon, as it primarily served in the south of Vietnam.


Broken rice, grilled pork chop, pickled vegetables, fried egg and traditional nuoc mam dressing.

Nutritional Value

Approximately 2500kj per serve/597cal per serve