Soldiers® - Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

You would think our rollers are indeed soldiers with how serious, precise and fast they roll our fresh rice paper rolls. Our top roller holds the record for rolling at 167 per hour with our average roller rolling 100 per hour. Now that’s a lot of hand-made rice paper rolls! Rice paper rolls must be a world favourite – it’s listed at number 30 on the World's 50 most delicious foods complied by CNN Go in 2011. And we couldn’t agree more.



Soldiers® or more commonly known as rice paper rolls or Vietnamese rolls are a Vietnamese dish traditionally consisting of pork, prawns, fresh vegetables, mint and coriander wrapped in rice paper. But there are all sorts of other flavours like fish, beef poached in a lemongrass broth, tofu, grilled pork patties (nem nuong) sausages and other seafood such as whole baby octopus.

Soldiers® are served at room temperature and dipped in Hoisin or Nuoc Mam (Fish) sauce. It makes a great healthy snack or lunch on the go.

At Roll'd we offer a large range of flavours including pork and prawn, prawn and garlic, BBQ chicken, barramundi and avocado. We also have a low carb range that incudes tofu, barramundi and chicken breast.

Food History

Though traditionally eaten in all parts of Vietnam, rice paper rolls are more commonly eaten in the south of Vietnam due to the generally warmer climate. Eaten fresh, not fried and traditionally dipped in hoi sin or nuoc mam sauce.

It is a very hands-on meal with large plates of greens and herbs, seafood or other flavours and vermicelli in the centre of the table. Mum, dad, brothers, sisters, aunty and uncles would sit around the table (or floor), then it would be every man for himself to roll themselves.


Rice paper, vermicelli noodles (bun), cucumber, coriander, mint, fried shallots and a choice of protein.


BBQ chicken
Pork & prawn
Barramundi & avocado
Garlic prawn
Lemongrass beef
Soft shell crab
Poached chicken breast & avocado
Roast Duck
Low carb tofu
Low carb barramundi
Low carb poached chicken breast

Nutritional Value

  • BBQ chicken - 639kJ
  • Pork & prawn - 622kJ
  • Barramundi & avocado - 683kJ
  • Garlic prawn - 544kJ
  • Lemongrass beef - 725kJ
  • Soft shell crab - 789kJ
  • Poached chicken breast & avocado - 675kJ
  • Roast Duck - 712kJ
  • Tofu - 674kJ
  • Low carb tofu - 551kJ
  • Low carb barramundi - 497kJ
  • Low carb poached chicken breast - 409kJ