Phở - Classic Vietnamese Soup

You would think a hot broth soup would not be popular in the hot climate of Vietnam, but that's far from reality. Happily slurping away as they wipe the sweat off their happy faces. If you've had a Vietnamese noodle soup then you would know why it's all worth it.



Our family-made pho recipe is not easy to replicate. Cooking for the family Mama Hoang would be brewing the very complex broth over night. But we found a way to fast track this process for our stores without compromising on the deep flavours of our pho linguine-shaped noodle soup.

Phở embodies the richness of flavour and lightness of texture that characterises Vietnamese cuisine. Is it a noodle soup consisting of broth, flat rice noodles called bánh phở, a few herbs, and meat. Primarily served with either beef or chicken.

Let’s not forget the garnish: coriander and spring onions, pickled red onion and chilli, with a squeeze of lemon juice to top it off.

Food History

Pho is the signature dish of the nation originated in the early 20th century in northern Vietnam. It is believed that pho was inspired by the boiled French dish, le pot au feu. The soup and the rice noodles are distinctly Vietnamese, but to meet the taste of the French, beef and other ingredients were added. One theory is that the word ”pho” came from a corruption of the French feu, meaning fire.

Pho recipes vary between regions, with southern parts of Vietnam using up to 15 different spices in the broth as opposed to their northern neighbours who keep spices to a minimum.


Pho broth is traditionally made on beef bones that enrich it with a full-bodied flavour, charred ginger and onion, along with special aromatics including star anise and cinnamon. It’s often brewed overnight or at least for several hours. Brisket is thinly sliced into the steaming broth, cooking it through, with fresh chillies, crunchy bean sprouts and fragrant coriander providing a crisp flavour contrast.


Sliced rare beef
Shredded Chicken
Mixed beef & Chicken
Mushroom & tofu

Nutritional Value

  • Cup
  • Sliced rare beef - 1012kJ
  • Shredded chicken - 966kJ
  • Mixed beef & Chicken - 970kJ
  • Seafood - 1083kJ
  • Mushroom & tofu - 995kJ
  • Bowl
  • Sliced rare beef - 2111kJ
  • Shredded chicken - 2015kJ
  • Mixed beef & Chicken - 2022kJ
  • Seafood - 2258kJ
  • Mushroom & tofu - 2074kJ